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What You've Always Wanted To Know About Home Security ­­

­­­­ Are you interested in getting a home security system? If you discover that you don't know much about the subject, read on. You should keep reading to learn how you can keep your family safe.A spare key must be carefully hidden and not in the obvious spots that a person might think. Under the doormat or above the door frame are all too common spaces that will be checked first by potential intruders. Try hiding the key in your outside dog's collar.Consider the advice of your friends when selecting your home security company. They have likely had interactions with home security providers that they can tell you about, saving you time and stress. Making a great choice is important, so this advice will come in handy.Rid the outside of your home from dead wood, vegetation and overgrowth during the summertime. As the summer heat rolls in, there is a higher chance that these can catch on fire, putting your home at risk. Keep your yard clear so it is a safe area.See if your local police department offers any home inspection or other protection programs. Home inspections or engraving identifiers can help protect you. Get in touch today.You need to have your security system checked once a year. Get someone from the security firm to inspect it. Your security system's quality can be impacted by numerous factors, such as the weather and wild animals. You might not even discover these problems if they aren't easily sighted.Use motion sensor lights. These are lights that turn on whenever any living thing gets too close to your home. These lights will make you aware of, and can also scare off, potential burglars. Make sure you keep fresh light bulbs in your motion activated lights so that they will work correctly.Regardless of how long you plan on being away from your home, always lock all the doors and windows whenever you leave. Most break-ins and burglaries occur because a door is left open and an intruder just walks in. Thieves can steal a lot of valuable stuff in mere minutes.Replace all the locks in your newly purchased home. The previous owner may be perfectly respectable, but you can't know that for sure. Keep in mind that other people may have lived in the home prior to the seller.Purchase flashlights that have good batteries, and keep them in every room in your home in case the power goes out. It is extremely important that you have flashlights because they allow you to move around easier in the dark, which is especially useful in an emergency. Make sure everyone in your family knows where the flashlights are.Before letting a home security representative inside, ask for identification. Intruders can easy pass themselves off as an employee of a security company just to get inside your house. This can put your family and possessions in danger. Be cautious to stay away from those potential dangers.Perform landscaping for your home which enhances your home's safety. Keep your doors and windows clear of any shrubbery. If criminals know you can see them, they are less likely to break in. Plan features like these further from your home to have a safe, beautiful design.If you want to keep certain rooms in your home private, you don't need to lock every door with a key. Some locks will allow you to punch in a code to gain access to the room. You can even install it yourself.If you must hide your key outside, do not put it someplace obvious. If you place it under a rock, a good robber will find it. Under your doormat is also a common place burglars will look. A safer option is entrusting a neighbor or one of your most trusted friends to keep your spare key. If none of these options are possible, try to think of an unusual hiding place.Never make the password to your keypad your birthday. Personal information, such as a birthday can be acquired on the Internet. If you use this as your password, you may make it easy for a burglar to rob you. You should choose a number no one else will be able to guess and change it regularly.Always store your irreplaceable valuables in a secure place. This may include things like pictures of your children, heirloom jewelry or birth certificates. A fireproof floor safe is ideal for this. What is even better is the safe deposit box at your bank.Always close your curtains, especially if a passerby can easily look in your windows. Don't let anyone see inside. If potential thieves notice any expensive valuables within your home, they might target you. Try being discreet about what everyone sees to reduce the chances of being targeted by burglars.Ask the security company whether or not that have motion sensitive lighting. This system will cause the lights to flicker on when someone walks up to your home. This makes your home safer because it warns intruders away.The best locks you can get are deadbolts that include captive keylocks. They have a thumb latch, making it impossible for someone to break the window, reach in and turn them. As a safety measure, keep the key inserted on the inside, so if there is a fire you will be able to open the door quickly.While locks are useful for sealing the inside, they won't be that useful if you can't lock them from outside. A deadbolt is always the best choice, and those with keys inside and outside guarantee a burglar cannot open it.Clearly, there are a number of good reasons to have a big, loud dog. Burglars are unlikely to desire an encounter with such an animal. Consider getting a large dog that is able to protect, but that also is gentle with children and friendly to your whole family.Now that you've reached the end of this article, you should feel confident that you can make your home a secure one. You can make a wise and informed decision with the information presented here. Keep the guidelines in your mind when making these choices today.

ATENAS CONSTRUCCIONES SRL Large projects require maximum effort in each stage 


Los proyectos grandes requieren de grandes esfuerzos en cada etapa.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Construcción </span>
$1,000.00 MXN/m2
 Permite que edifiquemos tu nueva casa, una de la que puedas sentirte orgullos, y que se adapte a tu estilo de vida.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Remodelado</span><br>
$1,000.00 MXN/m2.
¿Te has aburrido de tu casa? ¿Has decidido que necesita una transformación total? Llámanos y te daremos las mejores opciones. 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Renovación</span><br>
$1,000.00 MXN/m2
 ¿Quieres mantener la atmósfera de tu casa pero a la vez darle una apariencia más fresca? Mejoraremos tu hogar en un santiamén.
razones por las que elegirnos
El tiempo es extremadamente valioso para todos, es por ello que nos aseguramos de trabajar tan precisa y rápidamente como podemos.  
 La puntualidad es nuestra forma de mostrar respeto a nuestros clientes a cambio del tiempo y la confianza que nos brindan.
Lo primordial es que el resultado final complazca a nuestros clientes y que sea exactamente lo que desean.
 Para nosotros, la confianza de nuestros clientes es extremadamente importante. Solamente si confían en nosotros el resultado final puede ser excepcional.
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Atenas Construcciones me ayudó a tener la casa de mis sueños. Amé a este grupo de gente, verdaderos profesionales que se encargaron de que el proyecto se completara dentro del plazo establecido al inicio. Trabajaron rápido y con cuidado de que todo saliera perfecto. 
¿Estás buscando la mejor solución? Sin duda Atenas Construcciones la tiene. Sin importar que tipo de construcción necesites, esta gente puede encargarse de cualquier cosa. Como ellos mismos suelen decir: no hay problemas, lo que hay son desafíos. Y ellos aman los desafíos.¡Espero volver a trabajar con ustedes!  
Trabajé con Atenas Construcciones S.R.L. en numerosos proyectos, y en toda ocasión me sentí muy satisfecho con sus servicios. Realmente son los mejores en su área, y pueden manejar cualquier tipo de proyecto, sin importar lo pequeño o grande que sea.